Pete Coolio BIO

Educated in business with a degree from Wilfrid Laurier University, Pete is a pragmatic and creative problem-solver with an affinity for logistics.  There's a personal and friendly side to this engaging entertainer, and his passion for people can be witnessed almost every day of the week on Beach Avenue in Peachland! 

Why not come see for yourself and enjoy lunch on a sunny patio while you're here?  It's better than any resume, and Pete is easy to catch for a quick and friendly conversation about the opportunities that just might be waiting for you in this beautiful community.  Having spent most of his career in project management, nuclear robotics and construction, real estate is a compelling profession that combines a passion for people with professional experience in business and contracting.  There's more to real estate than meets the eye, and Pete will help you see it from a clear perspective.
Luck is for the lottery.  Success is different.

Real Estate

Pete has been at home in the Okanagan Valley since 2009.  A career in real estate marks the realization of a 5 year plan to set up a beautiful home in Peachland and become a popular fixture in the community.  Real estate is a wonderful way to enjoy the character and the people of Peachland, helping them achieve their goals as individuals while promoting the  development and success of the entire community.


Building stone driveways at 16, golf courses at 18, moving into nuclear technology and forth into project management and heavy construction in Alberta, Pete has contracted many projects and managed crews of 700+ workers. Years of experience on major industrial footprints as a foreman, supervisor, coordinator and manager. "I'm sure there's something that I haven't seen... but it probably has tusks and a beaver's tail".

Pete Guitar.jpg


Ten years in Whistler provided Pete with an enviable lifestyle and a successful career as a highly-rated musician.  He keeps his passion alive at the Edgewater Pub in Peachland, and has been known to venture forth for a private party on very special occasions.  Always welcoming and eager to share the stage, please don't hesitate to introduce yourself and take your turn in the spotlight! Everybody has a song to sing!