Kid's Splash Park

One of the proposals coming up before Council concerns a Kid’s Splash Playground. If you’re unfamiliar with these things, you can think of it as a very shallow concrete pool with all sorts of water canons and water jets for young children to play with. It’s not for adults or teenagers.

Children’s activities are a great draw to Beach Avenue. If we’re not about bringing families to our town to enjoy a day at the lake, then what are we here for? It can be tough for parents to keep the wee-folk entertained, and an attraction like this could be prove to be pretty popular in the summer months. When people become accustomed to coming downtown for an attraction, they’re inclined to come back for other things, too. We expect it to be a fun attraction, but we also hope it’ll bring more business to the community.

The downside to these parks is that they’re expensive to build and require quite a lot of maintenance versus something like, (let’s just say), a kid’s playground or a beach volleyball court. Issues or leaks in the water pipes & pumps running beneath the pool will happen eventually, the surface will need to be re-painted, the safety features maintained, etc. There would also have to be some element of supervision and an employee to turn the pumps off and on every day, clean up the spilled food and algae, perform basic maintenance, etc.
Perhaps the biggest downside is that this kind of attraction is only good for a few months of the year. Outside of bathing suit weather, there’s really nothing else that it can be used for.

MY THOUGHTS - Please give me yours!
These are just my thoughts. I’ll list them in point form, so it’s easier for you to address or disagree with them. I want to know what you think.
1. Our summer months are already busy and successful. Perhaps we could aspire to create attractions that would extend our busy season.
2. For the kids, we have Swim Bay, Wibit and the ultimate water park… Lake Okanagan! Expanding or improving these attractions might be a better investment, longer lasting, perhaps better-suited to the natural beauty of our surroundings.
3. At the end of the day, I wonder if the simple attractions are the most enjoyable. I remember splash parks when I was a kid, but I think I went back to chasing bugs and eating dirt pretty quick.
4. Would there be a benefit to focusing the children’s attractions where they are currently, (at the North end of town and Swim Bay), and perhaps develop features at Heritage Park that are more appealing to the age of majority.
5. I’m not certain that a splash park will bring Peachland a great bang for the buck.
6. How many toys and “things” can we install on Beach Avenue before it becomes tacky.

Please let me know what you think!