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He has a long road to recovery but he's doing well!  Every dollar and every good wish makes a difference.

One week ago, Evan was a happy lil' 4 year old kid!  In the morning, a fever had his parents taking him to the hospital for a checkout, and in two hours, Evan was being airlifted to BC Children's Hospital.  

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May 25, 2018

Evan's fingers have been amputated, but he keeps his thumbs!  Great news.  The latest update is that his infection has returned, and doctors are having difficulty determining why, although fortunately his doctors were able to address it immediately and prevent more damage.  

April 22, 2018

Evan is able to leave the hospital for a few hours at a time!  They went to the aquarium and saw some penguins.  He's smiling and there will be an update about his medical condition soon.

April 8th, 2018

There is good news, and bad.  Evan's health is getting somewhat better, and he lets out a few smiles from time to time.

His kidneys took a very hard hit, and mentally he's trying very hard to cope with the severity of his condition and the pain he's had to endure. The damage to his hand and arms is extensive, and there is nerve damage throughout his body. This makes it impossible for Evan to walk or stand, as the pain is unbearable.  It's difficult for a four year old to comprehend, but his emotional strength has been incredible.  He's a strong, little guy!

Doctors will wait to determine the extent of amputations, and his blood pressure is being regulated with medications.  Some things are getting better, and some worse... but every day is a reason to hope for good things.  

UPDATE April 6th, 2018
Evan is looking much better!  He has just started to eat a tiny bit, but is still in a lot of pain and is not yet able to hold himself in a sitting position.  His fingers, hands and arms remain terribly swollen and discoloured. 

The damages done are very serious, and doctors expect that he will lose his fingers, but may be able to keep his thumbs, although there is concern for his hands and arms, as well.  There is no certainty at this point, but Evan is under the best care anywhere, and with such strong arms around him everyone remains very hopeful!  

We're collecting donations of any amount at the Edgewater Pub in Peachland FRIDAY APRIL 6th and SATURDAY APRIL 7th from 8:30 pm till close.  The guitar case is on the stage, and every quarter, dime or dollar you're able to throw in there, (and everything that you've been kind enough to donate since last Saturday), will be donated through the GoFundMe page on APRIL 8th!