Disclosure of Representation

This is Consumer Information for your benefit! A few things to know:

  1. Signing the “DOR” can’t get you in any trouble.

  2. It does NOT create a business relationship of any kind.

  3. Signing this form simply means that you’ve read it, or that the Realtor listed on the form has provided it to you.

  4. Every Realtor must present this form to you, (there are some exceptions).

  5. There’s good information here about your rights as a consumer. It’s for your benefit.

  6. You do NOT have to sign! Filling out the consumer portion is entirely optional.

  7. Again, signing the DOR can’t get you in any trouble.

  8. Your Realtor must keep a copy of this form on file in the event that the government asks to see it.

  9. The purpose of this is only to prove that we’re doing our job if asked. It’s the law.