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The Winner for the next draw will be selected December 1st, 2018 !!!
With hundreds of hand-crafted creations, Brittany Robinson will bring character to your patio gardens for you and your feathered friends. Available at Bylands Nursery in Westbank and throughout Peachland, each creation is custom crafted, so the house available to win in this contest may not be exactly as shown in the photo.  Buy your home through Pete Coolio and finding one of these lovely creations on your patio just might be among the wonderful surprises awaiting you!
Each creation is beautiful, unique and wonderfully creative.  
Good luck everybody.

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Jessee Green
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Nancy Fettering
Genie Weaver
Alan Green
Peter Wolley
Jen Wolley
Lorna Weedle
Beth Gourdess
Karen Sheldon
Barb Reindel

Sandy Stratulat
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Kari Kallen
Leanne Felder
Jeannine Hostelan
Paul McLeod
Marjorie Dilbert
Arron Newfeld
Deb Johnson
Debbie Mackleford
Jessee Sparling